by Public Outsiders

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released October 1, 2016

Carl - Drums
D.D. Gaunz - Vocals
J-M -Guitar
Alexis - Guitar
Pat - Bass

Recorded and Mixed by Vincent Coté



all rights reserved


Public Outsiders Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Black Cross
White Circle, Black Cross
That is all it means to us
Do you feel the love & hate?
Is it hard to concentrate?
Hesitation of a conception
That defies your illusions
Track Name: Death on the BLVD.
I can barely walk in the streets
I don’t have the feeling of being safe
I won’t wait until the day that I will get beaten down

A.C.A.B. means a lot to me
I’m not lying
Fake liberty is our reality
We’re all bleeding
We used to be scared of their authority
I won’t give in
Black eyed city only pain and agony
We’re all dying

There’s nothing we can do
We can never speak
There’s nothing we can prove to them

We are against brutality
We’ll keep on fighting
They’ve got the right to beat us publicly
For no reason
This is the proof that we have a freedom
Of expression
No, it’s a lie, a killing joke
We have no power

There’s no escape
This is our faith
Nowhere to go & no future
We’ve got our heads against the boulevard
We are vulnerable
Track Name: Window to the World
Distorted visions, exploited minds
Controlled by the media, distinction is really hard
Real fiction is making us blind
They swallow our souls and intelligence
To make sure that we never act

Window to the world shows me the truth

Subliminal messages and signs
To sell you the perfect life for you and your family
False fiction is making us weak
Obligation to believe in what we watch on t.v.

They want us to divide, they want us to obey
They want us to divide, so burn them all

Forgetting ourselves in those empty dreams and promises
We lose the fact that we exist
Reality is hidden by force
Fear is a weapon good enough
To make sure that we never act

We are watching their abuse every day of our lives
We sacrifice our Sunday nights every weeks of our lives
Track Name: TxNxOx
Bullshit is all that’s coming out
From your fucking dirty mouth
I can’t trust the way you speak to me
You think I’m blind but I can see
Show me respect & you’ll get what you deserve
Show me the Love/Hate do you want to stay or burn?

One day is fine the next they stab your back
The more you get to know ‘em you feel like nothing
You can look at their eyes the way they attack
They grab you by the neck and are ready to bring

Where they want you to be
How could this happen to me
Open your eyes and see
Do you fucking trust me?

Trust has decrease
It’ll never cease
Trust has decease
it'll never cease
Track Name: Personal Damage
I wish that i could go back
But what’s done is done / The past is gone / I got to run
Sometimes my mind’s about to crack
It’s about to blow / It keeps me low / I got to go

Anywhere but here, away from fear
Where the light is near, fuck those wasted years
Embrace the future
Chemical reaction, is there a solution
Give me some action, I still have the passion
My heart is pure

No more personal damage those days are long gone
No god no spiritual guide I’m not the chosen one
I’m not nothing (x2) I may be an outsider but I’m not nothing

I got to kick my ass, reject the past No questions ask, I won’t be the last
Not anymore
I got to get out from all the doubts and being proud of what’s coming out
Of me much more

Now I know that I’m never gonna go back

I gotta stop to waste my time
And start to prove myself
I know it’s hard to gain and easy to lose
But it worth the try x3
Track Name: White Circle
I can’t explain the odd feelings that I have inside
No wonder why I can’t make another step on the road
Confusion is endless feels like I’m running in circle
I will be back at the same place no matter where I go

There’s a devil inside that teaches me what is right
And there’s an angel too that proves me wrong
What will I choose if life is black and white?
I got nothing to lose, what’s going on

I can’t control myself Love/Hate, Love/Hate
The more I think the more I fear

My way of life, becomes a sacrifice
Everything I do seems to make me lose
My hands are tied, the pressure’s not on my side
It keeps me caged, once again

Sometimes I’ve got feelings, but the feelings that I’ve got are emotionless
I try to hide it with the faces that you want to see, because I know it makes you happy
I’m sorry that you have to hear that from me
But now I want to stand and speak
I’ve had enough of screaming in silence
So I will raise my voice until everything makes sense